Europe: Vienna



Ok so a short blog. After Prague we headed south as Hungary was one of our main destinations. We decided to hit Vienna up on the way, kinda random? I would highly recommend visiting it; you could spend a weekend away there and see a lot as it is not a huge city. It was probably a bit too romantic for me and my cousin, but if I came back with Bev, I think she would enjoy it. We only spent 1 night and two days there but it was just about enough to see the major parts of the city. The schnitzel was worth the journey, just saying.


So we couldn’t get an Airbnb but luckily we got a hotel which was located next to the train station. It was pretty cheap and it made a change from sleeping on cheap mattresses and breakfast was included too!

Getting around

There were a couple of options and we chose to walk mainly but I think Vienna did have a metro system. We took the bus once which was quite efficient but if we went back I would prefer to use a bicycle, if the weather good then I would recommend doing this as you can see a lot of the city and burn some calories before feasting on some schnitzel!


  1. Belvedere palace
  2. Rathauseplatz
  3. Stephansplatz
  4. Volksgarten
  5. Natural History Museum
  6. Schonbruner
  7. Imperial Palace

Belvedere Palace

Belvedere Palace – should’ve photoshopped those two out, does it add some character to the photo?

As we had little time in Vienna, we could only do two or three major sites. We were unable to go to the imperial palace and schonbruner but I thought I would list them as sites in case you needed more info. Personally I thought Belvedere palace was the best site in Vienna but im sure there were plenty other number one contenders.

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The palace is pretty centrally placed and easy to reach. The actual site was massive and it holds exhibitions regularly, I think we were lucky enough to see Gustav Klimts “The kiss”, which was pretty cool.

The palace wasn’t overcrowded, which is a worry when you go to a tourist hotspot and you literally have to barge your way through the masses. As the grounds are massive, I think unless the whole population of Vienna congregated there then you won’t have an issue. The grounds is separated into the Upper, Lower and Gardens. Personally I think this is probably the number 1 site in Vienna, even if you’re not a fan of art or architecture.

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This was a square in the city of Vienna and usually there will be events held here. When we went, there was a film festival being held here and street food festival also. The square is located next to a park which is peaceful but everything was obscured by the huts and cooking smells when we went. If you have the time, you could check it out, high chance that some event will be going on whenever you go!


Stephansdom – more Zebra than striped but still looks beautiful

This was the only other site we visited, we managed to grab a pint across the road from where the imperial palace was but didn’t manage to see much of it. This is another square in Vienna but this was extremely busy. One of the sites you will see in the square is the Stephansdom, which is a cathedral with beautiful striped tiling on its roof.

There are mainly shops located in this square and plenty of things to see and do here. We stopped off to buy fridge magnets which I have to buy whenever I go to a new destination. For some reason I think there were quite a lot of kebab shops too. I probably wouldn’t suggest spending too long in the square as it was too busy but get a few snaps of the cathedral in the centre and grab a schnitzel.



When in Vienna, we had to try schnitzel. Literally across the road from the train station, we didn’t fancy any of the food inside the station because it looked really boring, took a risk and this pub was only 5 minutes walk. The food was decent and fresh, you can get a turkey or chicken schnitzel, I think I had turkey and Dave had chicken but both tasted the same. The turkey was slightly drier but because of the breading, the moisture was locked in. Also had a beer, really really good! I think the stag on the front isnt to copy Jagermeister but actually represents the saint hubertus and there is a story behind it which I can’t remember but I thought it was quite cool

We got some food at the Rathausplatz at this film fest, loads of food choice and kinda reminded me of Camden markets, obviously not as good but decent. We had schnitzel again and schinken which is a cooked ham. Really tasty food again, wished we could stay longer to see more of the city and sample more food, but if a place is good then you’ll visit it more than once.

Top tips

  1. Recommend 3-4 day excursion in Vienna, any longer than a week will be quite boring as the city is small. You could combine it with Prague if you are taking a week off which will make the overall trip much more interesting
  2. Quite a romantic city and I think it books up for Valentines, so avoid around this time.
  3. Recommend renting a bike, you can purchase a bike and rent on time like other cities. As the city is small, you will see much more generally and work up an appetite before chowing on some schnitzel!
  4. Try the schnitzel, it is a guilty pleasure. Obviously if you don’t eat meat then you can watch others enjoy the schnitzel while you have a substitute

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