What to eat in Vietnam? No seriously.

Food to try in Vietnam When I arrived in Vietnam, I realised that there were other dishes apart from beef pho. I scratched my head and thought, where do I begin. I did some reading around dishes to try. Mark Wiens and Youtube were both super useful in concocting a list that would make Anthony Bourdain proud. I’m no foodie but I definitely enjoy tasting … Continue reading What to eat in Vietnam? No seriously.

What’s a Lao?

Blurb The one in the middle, a hidden gem and a place where people might say “where’s that?”. Laos or Lao is a country situated in South East Asia and is a popular traveller’s destination. It is sandwiched between Thailand, Vietnam and sits on top of Cambodia. While I was sitting in my room in Phnom Penh and chilling with a fellow traveller (Tristan!), I … Continue reading What’s a Lao?