What to eat in Vietnam? No seriously.

Food to try in Vietnam When I arrived in Vietnam, I realised that there were other dishes apart from beef pho. I scratched my head and thought, where do I begin. I did some reading around dishes to try. Mark Wiens and Youtube were both super useful in concocting a list that would make Anthony Bourdain proud. I’m no foodie but I definitely enjoy tasting … Continue reading What to eat in Vietnam? No seriously.

What’s a Lao?

Blurb The one in the middle, a hidden gem and a place where people might say “where’s that?”. Laos or Lao is a country situated in South East Asia and is a popular traveller’s destination. It is sandwiched between Thailand, Vietnam and sits on top of Cambodia. While I was sitting in my room in Phnom Penh and chilling with a fellow traveller (Tristan!), I … Continue reading What’s a Lao?

Dishes to try in the Philippines

Remember those late nights where you watch Youtube videos of people cooking, food travel bloggers and Gordon Ramsay. We have all been there and wonder why we are starving at midnight. Well, this blog post won’t help because it is just about food. I had to write another blog about filipino food because there was just so much variation. I enjoyed the breakfast choices a … Continue reading Dishes to try in the Philippines

It’s more fun in the Philippines! Is it?

Blurb Is it really more fun in the Phillipines? It is the tagline they use to attract swarms of tourists to its beaches on Palawan and adventure seekers to the mountain province of its main island. The Phillipines was once a Spanish colony and then an American colony, you can see the marks left by the colonial rule from the Spanish. As Spanish words are … Continue reading It’s more fun in the Philippines! Is it?